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Do You Know What You Don't Know?

How important is your customer's experience to your business? According to Stella Service, an unhappy customer will tell approximately 9-15 people about their negative experience. Furthermore, LinkedIn asserts that word of mouth marketing can be twice as effective than traditional marketing in very diverse categories. You literally cannot afford to have a negative word of mouth campaign regarding your business; or you will be out of business. Ask yourself this question, are you actively implementing measures to gauge customer satisfaction? If you are not, you could be losing valuable time, talent, and profit.

BizJournals reports on a Harvard Business Review article that found customers with great past experiences spend 140% more than those who had poor experiences. Moreover, cites a statistic that a 5% increase in customer retention can lead to a 95% increase in profits from existing customers. This represents a potentially fatal flaw of businesses that focus on acquiring new customers over agressively when it can cost up to 5x's the cost when compared to retaining current customers and developing brand and company loyalty.

It's Your Service can teach you how to use open source software to compose your own custom customer service satisfaction surveys to increase the management's knowledge of the teams effectiveness in dealing with your clientele. Open source software means that it is free to use for your purposes. But, making the customer service satisfaction survey easily accessible on the Internet can present a challenge for many businesses. It's Your Service can assist you with familiarizing yourself with the open source software, publish the customer service satisfaction survey to the Internet, or even teach you how to do-it-yourself.

Online customer service survey's can provide you with many customer service experience appraisals on a consistent basis. This ability to capture the nature of your service level will allow you to increase your intelligence of how your company's policies, procedures, and employee's impact your profitability.

It is true that what
you don't know can hurt you.

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