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Wouldn't it be nice to have a website dedicated to your business at no cost to you?*

It's Your Service (dot) com aims to be a solution for the throngs of businesses that wish to have a web presence to showcase their offerings and services without the traditional headaches and expenses involved in establishing a web presence the usual fashion.

For many business owners and operators the idea of establishing a web presence can be bewildering and intimidating. Not only that, but the cost and effort involved can be viewed as an endeavor not worthy of the notion itself.

Patrick Denny, the owner and operator of, truly believes that a unique web presence for your business is not simply a luxury, but a necessity. But, you may ask, "if you are giving away free websites for businesses, then how will you make your money?". This is a great question. Upon the completion of the construction of your businesses website, (*)I would, as according to the terms of the deal, would have the ability to place non-competitive advertising on your businesses website. That is how I plan on making my money.

So, I would purchase the domain name, hosting space, and dedicate my time to make sure the website that is dedicated to your business is completed to your satisfaction. In the event that you choose to purchase the website from me at a future date, fair market value shall be the measure of the fairness of the transaction.

Wouldn't it be nice to level the playing field with your competitors online; especially without spending a dime to do so? How much more exposure and how much more profitable do you think your business would be with a bona fide website for your company? If you think that you could benefit from a website that is dedicated to your business, then don't hesitate to contact Patrick today to explore the possibilities to take your company onto the World Wide Web.

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"To positively impact the financial health of small businesses by enhancing their connection to their community via mobile friendly web design."

"Special thanks to and for their generous support of the Academic and Online community!" reports that nearly half of United States small businesses do not have a website. They cite a Clutch survey that suggests that roughly 46% of small businesses do not have their own website.

Furthermore, Search Engine Land reports that, according to Google, more searches are being performed on mobile devices than on traditional desktops computers. This likely suggests that people are searching for establishments when they are out and about in the community and have a need to know what is in their current area. Why wouldn't you want to be accessible to the hordes of individuals whom are looking for your products of services while in your proximity?

Moreover, because people are using mobile devices to search for local establishments, it is imperative that your web presence is optimized for mobile devices. Making your information easier to access and understand can mean the difference between a visit to your establishment and a new customer. TeamTreehouse even gives 10 reasons why you want your web presence to be optimized for mobile viewing. It is not simply a matter of style, but common sense, too.